Ales Power Plant Turnkey EPC Project

  The Ales CCPP
Project Name 62 Mwe Combined Cycle Natural Gas Plant Construction Work
Project Details Including turnkey Excavation, Construction, Electro-Mechanical and Energy acceptance         
• Excavation, Construction and Infrastructure Works
• Architectural and Fine Works
• Heating and Cooling, Lighting and Mechanical Plumbing Systems
• All Plant Mechanical Installation and Commissioning Works
• Gas Turbine Installation, Commissioning Works
• Steam Turbine Installation, Commissioning Works
• Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Installation, Commissioning Works
• Water Cooled Water Cooling Tower Installation, Commissioning Works
• Power Plant Fire Detection and Extinguishing System Works
• Power Plant
  Communication Systems
• Power Plant
  CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Systems
• Natural Gas Piping Works
• Energy Works (DC, LV, MV and HV)
• Energy Transmission Line Installation
• Steel Construction Works
• Installation and commissioning of switchgear plant (TEİAŞ acceptance included)
• Demineralized Water Production Facility Installation
• RMS-A Plant Construction Work (Including BOTAS Acceptance)
• Installation and Commissioning of Power Plant SCADA, BMS, DCS Systems
Project Area 62363 m2
Close Area
(Construction Area)
5500 m2
Capacity 62 Mwe
Total I/O 3000
Value 33.010.351,84 TL
Year 2.013
May 2013