Vakifbank Umraniye Data Center Project


Project Name Umraniye Datacenter
Project Details Construction area = 2500 m2, 650 m2 White Space
• Main Contractor
• Construction and Infrastructure works,
• Electro - Mechanical Systems,
• Structured Cabling,
• Architectural works
• Installation and commissioning of heating and cooling systems,
• Interior and exterior lighting,
• Mechanical Ventilation Systems, all mechanical installation and commissioning works,
•Fire Detection and Suppression System Works (Wet Systems, conventional and addressable detection)
•Communication, Data, Network, Structured Cabling and Server Systems installation and commissioning,
•CCTV monitoring, alarm and access systems,
•Security systems,
• Automation Systems,
• Outside field infrastructure works,
• Announcement and voice work
• Energy Works (Direct Current, Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage),
• Generator installation and commissioning,
• Underground fuel tank construction,
• Energy Transmission Line Installation,
• Steel Construction Works,
• Reinforced Concrete Works,
• Project Management
Project Area 2500 m2
Close Area
(Construction Area)
2500 m2
White Space 650 m2
Capacity 2 x 2 MVA
Total I/O 1500
Cooling Capacity 2X1000KW
Value $6.583.418,24
Year 2.015
December 2015